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Sabertooth - Cadillac Solder [JAM-015]

Published March 5, 2005

Teen post-psych prodigies Zach McLuckie and Rex McMurry, the original Pows, reunite in a rule-crushing eight-track home recording project. Adam Roberts joined the band for their one live show (the release show for their sole album 'Cadillac Soldier' at Mojo's, Columbia MO March 5 2005) and appears in the album artwork, but does not play on the album. Zach submitted the CD as his admissions portfolio to the Chicago Institute of the Arts, and was accepted. This is a Cat Jams Label release.

Zach McLuckie: most guitars, vocals, synths
Rex McMurry: most drums, fx, lead vox on 12 & 13
both: all songwriting, recording, performance, production, artwork

Run time 1:03:43


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